The Rafting

The tour on the Iller is a cozy paddling where you can admire the beauty of the Allgäu. It goes from Oberstdorf with small inflatable boats on the Iller towards Sonthofen. Here you sit in the boat without a guide and can determine the course yourself.

The waves are limited, but the water level can be developed to whitewater level III, so the tour will sometimes be very sporty then. The best time for Rafting in the Allgäu region is from May to September.

Rafting (White Water Rafting) is exciting leisure – an outdoor activity that requires you using an inflatable raft (what for rafts?) go on a whitewater route on a river in the Allgäu. There are different whitewater levels, which depend very strongly on the current or expected water level. For example, children should not be travelling in a river section in a raft, where there is stronger whitewater than level 1. A relaxed bachelor party can be spent in the whitewater level 2 and level 3, you should only approach, if you are already racked or are very sporty. In the foreground of rafting is the adventure, to be in the whitewater and to master this as a team task. Rafting has been around since the 1970s and comes from the USA. The dream of every raft guide is to be on a Grand Canyon Tour. The whitewater and the ambience are simply incomparable. There are different types of rafting: there are both variants, in which each participant has a paddle to move the rafts as well as large rudders, which are operated by the guide. This is always dependent on the water level, participants and desired Tour. Rafting is a dangerous outdoor sport that requires professional guides.